Ad Mail

Gearbox Admail CopyrightThey say that ‘snail mail’ is dead. They are wrong.

Sure, everyone and everything is all about ‘online’ these days, but sometimes, oftentimes, the best way to get attention, build interest, provoke a decision, and compel an action (AIDA) is to put your message in someone’s hand. Combine an image that rocks with an idea that sticks, and an offer/invitation that says “Hmm…” and now your ad is a discussion piece on someone’s kitchen island. Add in a targeted list or some handy target marketing tools to refine the parameters of your mailing and increase the degree to which your message catches the eye of the reader. The fact that an addressed or unaddressed mail piece has a physical presence implies that it will require a decision, and an increased likelihood that it might exist in the receiver’s view longer than an email or banner ad.

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