A central component of any ‘marcom’ piece is a key image, oftentimes a photograph, or, a video. Its intention is to capture attention, generate interest, and communicate the quality and capability that best reflects your brand. Industrial photography requires an understanding of the subject, the context, and the ability to turn a powerful photo into the key part of your message. With many years experience in capturing key images, our insights and knowledge can help to bring your products and services out front.

Gearbox Marketing offers photography and videography services that deliver:

  • Product photos for advertising or illustration
  • Industrial equipment demonstration
  • YouTube videos
  • White board videos
  • Documenting industrial processes or equipment setup procedures
  • Document progress of building and construction projects
  • Just about anything…

Types of industrial images captured…

  • Industrial machinery – large and small
  • Food processing equipment
  • Packaging equipment
  • Renewable energy – solar, wind, hydroelectric
  • Manufacturing products, consumables
  • In-use applications
  • Conveying systems
  • Electronic components, switches, controllers, motors
  • Thermal spray coating processes
  • Composite manufacturing
  • People
  • and more…